Energy Market Assessment 1/30/2019 Upward-Mobility-Participation Happening In The Rest Of The World Needs More U.S. Produced Oil; Why The Prosperity And Value Trend UP

May 10, 2019

World crude-oil production rose to another new record high in October. However, Canada and the U.S. accounting for all the increase since November 2016 is a reminder that fueling UP hundreds of millions more in the world requires higher prices Continue reading

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Energy Market Assessment 1/18/19 Natural-Gas-Expectations Extra Low Because The Climate Has Taken Its Time To Change To Cold Has Many Set Up To Be Caught Short By Bullish Factors.

March 25, 2019
Despite mild minimizing gas demand and production rapidly growing again having most believe natural gas is and will remain easy to produce, 2,533 Bcf on January 11 is the second lowest January 11 level in the last 15 years and Continue reading
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